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A Quick Review Of Unified Physics By Nassim Haramein

We are constantly evolving every minute and every day. In fact, this is one reason why medical science is also changing every minute. As we and the world around us evolves, we have to adapt to the changing world by opening our minds to new ideas, thoughts and principles. That is the only way we can become better people and that is why Nassim Haramein’s revolutionary new ideas are becoming popular with people all over the world.

What makes Nassim Haramein’s ideas unique?
Culture and science have never mixed well. In fact, religion and science have never mixed well either. Till date, science has never been able to explain religion and evolution quite clearly and this is where Nassim Haramein’s principles and ideas win out. His revolutionary new theories are a simple link between two diverse ideas. For his research, the research physicist was studying theory of relativity and quantum mechanics and both theories were difficult to link together. However, the physicist was able to find a link and explain both theories with a simple code. At first, there was considerable resistance and most researchers refused to believe in the ideas and principles being propounded by Nassim Haramein. His solutions were simple and straightforward and they quickly became subjects for discussion and vigorous debate. The paper A New Approach to Unified Physics was published and republished in several scientific journals to encourage discussion and debate on it and the writer was also quick to provide justification. The researcher had spent most of his independent research time on understanding physics, mathematics and biology and connecting them to world archaeology and religion. His keen scientific skill along with a determination to understand science and the principle behind it led to the revolutionary new paper. The A New Approach to Unified Physics paper was published over a decade ago but it still inspires vigorous debate. Currently, the researcher hosts speaking tours, seminars and lectures where he explains and defends his core ideas to interested listeners. He is also focused on adding to his existing research by investigating quantum gravity, technology and sciences.

What does mainstream science say?
Ideally, the entire scientific community vigorously debates any new theory propounded by any scientist. It is the job of the writer or the researcher to provide adequate proof or information about the theory and defend any criticism and ideas that are put forward. For this reason, the resulting brouhaha about Nassim Haramein’s theory is to be expected. Researchers have been trying to pick holes in the theory and the paper but very few have been able to put forward legitimate problems. Haramein has also been incredibly gracious about accepting criticism and providing simple explanations for any doubts.

The bottom line
New ideas will face resistance and that is exactly what is happening. However, that has not stopped Haramein from continuing with his research. His next paper is called the Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass and it is now available for readers on this website. You may not like the man or even agree with his old papers but it is a good idea to make the effort to understand his ideas. You never know how they might impact your life and you may actually understand the principles he is talking about. All you have to do is read his ideas and principle and then make an informed decision.